FailSafe combines the iterative cycle with receiving feedback. It also helps the relationship between both the designer and the company that wants a particular task done. It can also be a great tool for professors to teach their students about a design concept. FailSafe embraces failure in the means to get better through suggestions and iterations. 

A contest begins when a company will ask all of FailSafe’s users what they want accomplished, what date they need it by and the reward for the winner. The reward could be money, employment, or anything substantial. The user will have 10 colors to choose from and 6 tools to work with. There is no eraser tool to encourage people to get something up on the canvas.

Once the user is done, they’ll send it to their design friends from school or colleagues. They are asked two questions: What could be improved? and if this work is successful? To encourage constructive criticism, every user will also have a rating on a 5 point scale based purely on what they write to others.

The user has a chance to rework based on the feedback they have back. They don’t have to take any of the suggestions but they have to hear from at least 3 people or the company will never see the users’ entry. This way everybody has to give feedback. The user can keep crowd sourcing their entry up until the deadline.

Once the user gets through 3 rounds of feedback from other designers. The actual company will also give their feedback. They are asked the same questions. The company will then pick a winner. Every entry will be posted automatically on the user’s Instagram to get more exposure. Honorable mentions will be featured on FailSafe’s social media accounts.

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